Engagement Photo Session Tips & Tricks

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Engagement Photo Session

Do you really need engagement photos? Only you and your future spouse can answer that question. The photos taken at the shoot will be great keepsakes for your relationship, but can also be used for your save-the-date invitations or as an alternative engagement announcement. Plus, you’ll get some killer shots to put on social media that, if done correctly, will put any filter to shame.

If you decide to get engagement photos, we’ve got you covered with the best engagement photo tips below.

Finding The Perfect Photographer

Most couples want a wedding photographer for their big day, so an engagement photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to help you get a head start on finding the perfect photographer. It’s a smart move to do extensive research and study their portfolio and reviews before choosing someone to take your pictures. You need to make sure you love everything about their work to make sure you’ll be happy with the photos they take for you.

One of the best engagement photo tips we can offer you is making sure you communicate with your photographer as well. You can research engagement photo poses to find inspiration for you and your partner and tell your photographer what you’re envisioning.

If there’s a clash and the person you’ve chosen doesn’t want to complete the image you have in mind, it’s best to move on and find a different photographer. You can find the best local Dallas-Fort Worth photographers here!

Incredible Engagement Photo Ideas

Simply searching “engagement photo ideas” may give you a general idea of what to do for your engagement photos, but won’t be nearly as extensive or helpful as this list! These engagement photo ideas will help you not only at the moment but help you plan ahead of time, too.

If you’re inept at make-up and hairstyling, or maybe just want to pamper yourself a bit before your shoot, consider getting your styling done professionally. Instead of putting all the pressure on yourself to get it done just right, leave it to someone else who knows what they’re doing! When taking photos of any kind, your make-up needs to be more heavily applied than normal to show up on camera without washing you out. It’s best to leave that application to a professional.

Make a day out of your shoot! You’re both already dressed up and feeling confident, so it makes sense to finish the day with a nice dinner at a restaurant. It’s the perfect ending to an already romantic day, and who doesn’t enjoy finishing the day with a good meal?

Engagement Session Tips

When it comes to engagement session tips, it’s a collaboration between you and your photographer. The photographer’s job is to help bring your vision to life, but also add their own technical flair to your photos.

Location is crucial for any engagement shoot! Take a moment to think about what reflects you and your partner’s relationship. Do you two enjoy going to restaurants together, or frequent a local bar? How about outdoor activities like hiking, or maybe going to the beach regularly? Setting the scene for your shoot between location and how much light you have to work with will make sure your photos are authentic and not cheesy or overly-posed.

If you’re doing an outdoor shoot or photographing in a place with lots of room, consider bringing props! They can complement the scene you’re setting, or just be fun and silly. If you and your partner enjoy surfing, you can always bring your boards to the beach and snap a few pics with them.

Taking Natural Engagement Photos

If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, taking natural engagement photos can be pretty difficult. However, there are a few things you can do to combat the stage fright that comes from being front and center.

Ultimately, the photos have to be authentic and genuine to you and your partner as a couple. Sometimes the best thing to do to forget the world is go in for a kiss! It brings you back into the moment and connects you back to your partner. It reminds you why you’re there in the first place.

It could be helpful for you two to focus on doing an activity together. This will lead to loads of cute candid shots of genuine emotions, laughter, and joy from both you and your partner. If it’s more your speed, you could always write a letter to each other the night before the shoot (just something to say how much you love them and why) and read it to each other at the shoot. It makes for cute photos and brings you two closer together—which will also appear on camera!

Let’s talk engagement photo poses for a second, too. Candid photos are always going to be the best looking natural photos, but not every photo needs to be candid! Sometimes, detailed, close-up shots capture what you’re trying to say too. Focusing on the ring or a special keepsake between you and your partner also makes for a fabulous shot that’s Insta-worthy.

How to Prepare for Engagement Photos

As far as engagement photo tips go, preparation is key because the more prepared you are, the smoother the shoot goes! We have some excellent tips about how to be as prepared as possible so your engagement photos look as amazing as you and your future spouse feel with no added hassle.

Make sure to get the wrinkles out of your chosen outfits the night before the shoot. Whether it be ironing or steaming, get those wrinkles out! Extra touching up to get rid of wrinkles in the photo costs more, so it’s better to just prepare ahead.

Sometimes you’re unable to dedicate the whole day to your engagement shoot, and that’s okay. If you’re going to your shoot right after work, how to prepare for engagement photos looks a little different. Take about fifteen minutes with your partner to eat a snack and enjoy your favorite drink together (this could be coffee or a Cosmo, I won’t tell!) The time together will help you decompress and feel more comfortable for the camera.

Wardrobe: Engagement Photos What to Wear

Do not make the mistake of wearing something you haven’t worn before to your shoot! You need to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when taking your engagement photos. Pick outfits and colors that complement each other and your location. It’s best to aim for pastel, neutral, or cool colors. When planning what to wear, you can also opt for a change of clothes, too.

Engagement Photos What Not to Wear

Wearing a new outfit that ends up being uncomfortable or too clingy will show up on camera. Not only that, how unhappy you are with your outfit will show up, too. Anything you’ve not worn before or seen on camera is a big “What Not to Wear” for your engagement photoshoot. Also, don’t wear a pair of shoes you haven’t broken in yet. The discomfort from wearing heels that pinch or shoes that you’re unfamiliar with will also show upfront and center in your photos.

If you’re a newly engaged couple looking for a photographer, congrats! There are incredible engagement photographers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who would love to work with you. Just make sure you keep these engagement photo tips in mind for the perfect shoot and perfect photos.


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