Headshot Photography

Headshot photographs are commonly used in posters, portraits at home and profile pictures in social media and other online accounts. Each of these instances needs to have a photograph that shows the best of you. Great headshot photography brings out your best facial features. While it looks quite easy to get a great headshot, a few things must be right from the very start.

Here are a few tips to prepare for a headshot photo session

Consult with your photographer

Different styles fit different uses. Your photographer will determine which style is good for your use. You can have a face to face conversation or talk to them over the phone. The conversation helps the photographer to plan for the session beforehand and ensure that everything is in place before you get into the studio. The photographer can advise you on what to wear during the conversation.

Choose the right clothing

The headshots generally pick only the upper part of the attire. However, the choice of colors and style of clothing determines the style of your portrait. For the formal styles, consider wearing solid, neutral colors. For informal styles, you could go with your floral dress or toned down attire. Whichever the attire you pick, ensure that the clothes are well-ironed and not faded. It should also fit perfectly at the collar and the shoulders.

The background is very vital

Tell your photographer your favorite colors especially if you are taking an informal headshot. The photographer will still have to determine if the background is right relative to your attire. For the formal styles, choice of colors is limited to neutral and some cool colors. However, the photographer must separate the background from the foreground so that the background does not distract the viewers from your face.

Silly faces look good for your informal styles

Being a little tensed during the photo session is okay. However, you can relax in front of the camera by pulling a funny face for the first frame. It creates fun and distracts you from the highly tensed environment. You can then take other formal photographs after the silly face photo, and you bet that everything will be fun and relaxed.

Be receptive to small changes that the photographer makes

The small intricate changes made at the last moment separates a great shot from an average one. These changes may range from something like being asked to tilt your head, lean forward or back, create an intriguing smile or just take a deep breath to relax. Take it easy and do as the photographer tells you. You will have sots taken in a variety of positions from which the photographer will pick the best.

A headshot photograph is a great time to show your pretty face to the world. A good shot photograph has a great impact on your professional profile, your images on social media and looks great in your living room wall. Work with professional DFW professional photographers to get a  quality headshot photograph that matches its use and brings out the best of you.