Graduation Photography

Going through four years of college is an investment and one of the significant achievement as a young adult. It’s something that you want to remember for days to come and what better way than to take amazing portraits that will remind you of how far you’ve come.  Graduation photography is an investment as it involves memories that you’ll keep for a lifetime.

DFW graduation photographers believe that nothing can replace the magic of pure emotion.  They have the experience of making these sessions creative and fun while creating images that leave a lasting impact.

Must-Know Tips for Graduation

No one prepares you for a graduation photo session. While you want photos that will make this day, you need to ensure that they are unique. Here are some timely tips to help you prepare for a graduation photo session.

Plan Ahead

Plan your graduation photo session ahead of time to avoid disappointments. You can plan on when to take the photos or to opt for indoors instead of the outdoors.  Moreover, you can compensate for or predict the lighting conditions for your photo session.

Find the Best Location

Choosing an ideal location is essential as it impacts how your photos will turn out. Let your photographer know the best spot. You can use the school as a backdrop or another area around the school with a beautiful setup.  Check with your school if there any restrictions that you should be aware of when taking photos.

Bring along Some Props

A full photo session with only a cap and gown can get boring. Bring along some items that reflect the excitement and energy of graduation.  These compositions could be sports equipment, musical instruments, or school memorabilia.  The props add a creative element to rather ordinary photos. You could also incorporate the hat toss to your photos.

Posing with a childhood picture is a fantastic way to show your loved ones how you’ve grown.  It shows a transition from a child at heart to a young adult. Alternatively, you can opt to go vintage by posing next to a classic car or wear a classic outfit. You’ll need to work with a photographer who understands what you’re trying to incorporate.

Scout Pinterest for Some Photo Ideas

If you run out of ideas or simply want to go beyond taking photos in front of the school sign or another place on the campus, Pinterest is an excellent place to get some inspiration. You can get a ton of ideas on what poses to incorporate to make the session more exciting and creative.

Opt For Both Group and Solo Photos

While it’s nice to have solo photos, don’t be afraid of taking group shots. You could have your college mates join you in the photo session to create variety. Remember that not everything needs to be perfect, take as many silly photos together with your friends.

Go For Black and White Photos

Although you can have a few colored photos, it’s essential to consider shooting in black and white to create unique lighting effects outdoors. It’s also a great way to compensate for the type of coloration and odd lighting.

Working with DFW graduation photographers is the best way to capture those timeless moments. The above tips will help you prepare well for your special day.