Interior Photography

If you would like to sell your property, stage a home or market some space, you need a cool interior photo of the place. Your customers’ perceptions are shaped by the images they see on the advertising page. Therefore, it is essential to have great interior photography.

The preparation for the photo session happens way before the photographers get home. You need to have everything in place beforehand and only make a few little changes when the photographers get home. Here are some ways to prepare for a breathtaking interior photography session.

Do a thorough cleaning and arranging of the property

Clutter is synonymous with dirt in photos. Customers would like to see a house that is tidy, organized and inviting. Clean the stains on the wall, and the floor as the image might capture them. Put away toys, boxes, tools, books and any other item that does not contribute to the beauty or add value to the room. Arrange the rest of the items in such a way that shows that there is pretty or room and creates an impression of order. With a clean house, the photographer will spend less time removing certain items from the photo. This, in turn, will have a great natural shot of the space.

Turn on all the lighting and open the curtains

Before the session starts, go around the house and check if all the lights are working. Replace any bulbs that might be broken. The shots look warm and inviting when the lights are on. Also, allow as much natural light as possible by opening up the curtains. Photos that show the presence of lots of natural light is a major selling point especially to the homebuyers.

De-clutter the kitchen

There is always clutter around the kitchen, bowls, small containers, fridge magnets, and other items. When taking a kitchen photo, empty the countertops of any kitchen items. Arrange crockery and appliances in a way that shows lots of space. You may remove old and worn-out kitchen appliances from the room during the photo session. After this, clean up the kitchen walls and countertops of any grease and food stains.  You should also consider replacing any broken cabinet knobs and latches.

Prepare the outside

The area around the house is also considered a part of interior photography. Ensure that the yard looks fantastic, green and appealing. Cut the grass and prune the fences just before the photo shoot to give them a fresh new look. Clear the yard of any litter, bushes, washing lines and old machinery.

 Flowers are a great way to finish off

Flowers have a great impact on the quality of the interior shots. Consider them as centerpieces and points of focus in the room. You can have vases of flowers placed strategically on tables and potted flowers on hallways or at the entrance.

Bring out the best in your interiors but having perfects shots of the space. In addition to the above tips, hire professional DFW photographers to take perfect photos of the interiors. This way, your spaces will look inviting to your target audience.