Denton, TX

For such a small-town feel, Denton, Texas is a decent sized town of just over 100,000 and offers many scenic photography locations. The downtown area features a traditional courthouse in the town square, surrounded by a bustling and picturesque downtown. Here are a few places that will be great backdrops for your photo shoot.

Downtown Square

Built in 1896, the architecture of the courthouse itself is a beautiful backdrop. But looking around the square, you won’t have a hard time finding several angles and buildings to pose in front of. Coffee houses, bistros, live music venues, all housed around the courthouse, give lively panoramas.

Little Chapel in the Woods

Located on the edge of Texas Women’s University, Little Chapel in the Woods and the surrounding gardens are a lovely setting for events or photos. This historic 1939 chapel was dedicated by Eleanor Roosevelt and features architecture fit for any occasion, stained glass windows, and an intimate feel.

While you can rent out the chapel itself for events, and weekends are busy, if you’re looking for a beautiful place to take pictures, the gardens and outside of the chapel may be precisely what you’re looking for. Contact the University for rates and times available.

Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Built initially as Denton’s steam power plant in 1929, the art center was renovated in the 1980s as a hub of artistic and architectural activity. This space is home to galleries, an art studio, a rehearsal hall, and a sculpture garden.

If you don’t find a place to take your photos around the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, there is a 5,000 square foot space inside, with modern accouterments and natural lighting sure to add interest to your photos.

The Old Irish Bed & Breakfast

Need something different for your photo shoot? How about woods, trails, and alpacas? While you can find some peaceful places along the trails surrounding this Denton bed and breakfast proper, and there is a pond, gazebos and a lovely front porch to showcase, the livestock is part of the package, too. Alpacas, llamas, chickens, geese, dogs, ducks, and a host of water creatures make for a unique setting.

There are several cottages and plenty of wildlife and native flora and fauna to create your photoshoot, too. Contact them to schedule a quiet time to take your pictures (and maybe stay over for the entertainment).

Clear Creek

With plenty of natural vistas, including hardwood forest, upland prairie, and waterfront areas, Clear Creek is Denton’s 2,900-acre park that shouldn’t be overlooked. Wetlands Trail follows the newly-constructed wetlands, where you can catch a glimpse of the waterfowl, herons, and beavers that call the park home.

Thick, rich bottomland forest is interspersed throughout the 10 miles worth of trails and make for an otherworldly charm. There is no fee for entering, and Clear Creek is open year-round.