Engagement Photography

You finally said yes, and as the man, you finally decided she is the one, but how do you make this a memorable experience? Engagement pictures are an excellent reminder of this special moment filled with excitement and joy about this commitment you’re ready to prepare for life.  Contrary to popular belief, engagement sessions are not only about getting the best photos for your save the date cards; they are about building a connection before your special day.

DFW engagement photographers concentrate on the love and smiles.

Why Should You Consider an Engagement Photo Session?

An engagement photo session is not only fun, but it’s also the best time to practice for your big day.  Remember on your wedding day you’ll have the flowers, guests, the venue, and the cake to worry about. Scheduling a session with a DFW engagement photographer will help you ease the tension that comes with taking perfect photos.

It’s also the best time to find out if the chosen photographer will be a good fit. You don’t want to end up with a photographer you’re not comfortable around. During the session, you can express your concerns to your photographer who will help ease you into it and make you comfortable.  You can learn how to pose and walk around as your photos are taken.

Essential Tips on Finding the Best Location for Your Engagement Photo Session

However, most couples struggle to choose an ideal location for their photo session. Here are a few pointers on what to look for when deciding on a place.

Choose a Place that is Special for You Two

A good location is ideally a place that both of you term as unique.  This could be the place you met on a first date, a picnic area that you love, a river where he proposed, or the beach where you created amazing memories.  Such a location will serve as a beautiful memory when you go through your engagement photos years later.

Opt For a Place with Different Backdrops

A location with different backdrops to work with makes your engagement photo session unique and creative. You can opt for two different locations if you’re looking for a contrast in the backdrops.  A countryside and urban setting is an excellent way to play around with the photos.

Check if You Need a Permit

Some places like country houses require you to get a permit for a photography session. It’s best to check first before scheduling a photo session with one of the photographers.

Be Mindful of Areas with Heavy Traffic

Although a packed park may create an interesting movement and atmosphere in the photos, sometimes the images may capture weird things. It’s essential to keep in mind that while one park may be your favorite spot, other people who may consider the same spot their perfect relaxation area.

The best thing is that you can still take photos at your favorite spot if you time the photos appropriately.  You could opt for a sunrise or a sunset session where the traffic is minimal.

An engagement photo session is the best way to create lasting memories and to know what it takes to take excellent photos on your big day. Contact one of our DFW Photographers for an affordable engagement photography package.