Prom Photography

One of the most exciting days in many High School student’s lives is the prom. A lot goes into getting ready for prom. Stunning dresses and suits, new shoes, updating haircuts and styles, makeup appointments, limo rides, dinner at a fine restaurant, maybe even an after party.

According to an article published in 2015, the average American family spent $919 on prom. Prom is a big deal, and we at DFW Photographers want to you to be able to remember this wonderful night. This is the reason why we have a category on our website just for photographers that specialize in prom photography.

Prom photography can encompass anything from individual portraits to photographs of the event itself. Many teens like to have before-prom portraits taken to showcase their outfits or commemorate the special day. These portraits can feature the individual, their date, or a group of friends.

Many schools will hire a photographer to capture the whole event and put photographs online for students, teachers, and parents to look through. These photographs are usually candid images of the students and faculty throughout the event. However, some posed pictures may also be included. These pictures are usually available for purchase through the school or photographer’s website.

Tips for Having the Best Photos

If you want group prom photos with your friends there are some handy tricks for making your pictures both unique and beautiful.

  • Coordinate colors
  • Have plenty of time to take photos. You do not want to be rushed
  • Have ready any fun props or accessories you want to include
  • Use different scenery. Don’t take all your photos in one place
  • Have fun with it

You want your prom photos to be something you can look through later on and have fond memories. If you are too busy worry and not having fun, your pictures will not be as good. Some of the best photos come from candid moments and “silly” ideas.

Coordinating colors helps your photos not appear cluttered and gives a more streamlined look. You want to plan things like outfit colors, props and scenery out in advance. If you are scrambling to pull everything together on the day of the prom, you will not enjoy the experience.

You can add color and fun to your photos by including things like bubbles, sparklers, or even items that express hobbies or interests. If you are a band member, include your instrument. If you play a sport, include some equipment. The possibilities for fun with props is limitless.

No matter where your prom is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our website can help you locate a prom photographer. Not all photographers have experience with prom photography, so we created a prom category to highlight photographers with knowledge in that area.

On our website, just click on a photographer’s logo to find out more information about the photographer including sample photos, social media links, and contact information.