Plano, TX

The largest city in the county, and the ninth most populous city in Texas, Plano is infamous for many things, one being the Southfork Ranch where the TV series “Dallas” was filmed. Time magazine named Plano one of the country’s best places to live, and with its easy commutes, great economy, and varied pursuits, it’s easy to see why. Full of culture, history, and art, you’ll find several unique places worth a photoshoot.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Wild and unique, with a beautiful overlook just begging to be photographed, Arbor Hills is separated into three distinct types of land. The Blackland Prairie features bluebonnet (the Texas state flower), little bluestem, Indian blanket, yellow daisies and more. Turkey and deer frequently roam the vast expanses of prairie here.

The Riparian Forest areas take hold near the creeks and river. Trees, shrubs, and vines tangle along the banks, giving these areas a jungle-like feel. Two branches of the Indian Creek wind through Arbor Hills.

The Upland Forest areas, located at the higher elevations, away from the creeks, are home to rabbits, owls, and yes, coyotes and bobcats. Cedar elms and small flowering trees like redbud and Eve’s Necklace bloom during spring. The Upland Forest is a serene retreat during the hot days and provides an otherworldly feel to photos you take.

Historic Downtown Plano

An urban feel with a cool vibe, if you want a unique photo session, go downtown. The Historic Downtown Plano area is full of fun things to see and do and gives you the choice of urban or vintage for backdrops.

A pretty little gazebo, a lot of public art installations (some created just for photo ops), old buildings mixed with modern architecture, you won’t have a problem finding the right place to pose.

Go Ape

For a fun, adventurous photo shoot, you’ve got to Go Ape. No, really! This 2 to 3-hour course is designed for adventuring the treetops through a series of rope bridges, ropes, zip lines, and climbing. If you have a daring photographer, and if you’re bold enough, a photoshoot through the tops of the trees is one unique experience. Contact for hours and reservations.

Granite Park Boardwalk

Day or night, Granite Park Boardwalk is a picturesque, urban photo location. Situated in central Plano, the downtown skyline is visible from almost any vantage point. Choose a deck, lounge in a deck chair by the water, pose by one of the many murals or businesses, your photos will reflect the fun and excitement of the boardwalk.

Heritage Farmstead Museum

This 1891 farmstead is not just educational. It is a historic replica of Plano farms from yesteryear. Several permanent exhibits provide excellent backgrounds for a rustic, vintage photoshoot. While you can rent out the museum, contact them here for hours and reservations. This piece of history is a Plano favorite for taking a step back in time on the Blackland Prairie.