Carly Weiss Photography

Hi! My name is Carly. I live in Plano with my husband, Chad and our three boys, Tyler, Ashton and Beckett. I have always loved photography, but it was after my first son was born in 2006 that I started to really love it! I took over 3000 pictures of him his first year!! I loved to capture everything he did. Every time I looked at him, I saw life! I still obsess with capturing many, many pictures of all three of my children. They are why I do this!

My photography style is like me, its laid back, casual and fun, never rushed or posed. Kids will be kids and I understand that they will have moments of imperfection (we all do) and that’s okay! If it takes a little longer than it’s supposed to, don’t worry. I want to see your child’s funny faces, their goofy smiles and sometimes even some tears.

I specialize in capturing beautiful, natural portraits, since I use all natural light and travel to you, the mood of the shoot is always very relaxed and easy. I try to capture your child and family being themselves. My favorite images are the candid ones which really show your true nature. I allow each session to unfold individually, no two sessions are EVER alike.

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