Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the art of capturing an image that brings out the personality of an individual or group of. Portraits are most commonly artistic and commissioned for things such as modeling or acting headshots, school pictures, or special events like weddings.

However, portraits can be educational as well. For example, medical portraits are useful in textbooks and for instructional purposes. Many portraits have also been useful in the study of history and sociology.

Looking at old portraits from Ellis Island, World War II, and of Rulers from different nations can give an in-depth look at the past. Portraits are useful in understanding historical fashion, culture, and lifestyles. Your portrait could one day inspire a great novel, appear in a film, or end up in an auction asking a high price, so you want a high-quality portrait.

Evolution of Portraits

Historically, portrait paintings were popular among only the upper class and royalty because the cost was high. If you wanted your portrait, you would need to hire a painter who would spend days, even weeks, creating your portrait. With the invention of photography, the time and cost of getting a portrait went down dramatically.

Now, getting your portrait takes only a few seconds and we have the technology to edit photos to fix flaws, add features or change the coloring.

Taking a quality portrait photograph relies heavily on lighting. For a photographer to accurately capture an individual or group of people, the subject must be well lit, and the lighting must accent the features and bring out the best in the subject. Lighting can make or break a portrait.

If a photographer takes a portrait indoors, like in a studio, the photographer has more control over lighting. If the portrait is outside, the photographer must know how to position the subject, using the sun and natural shadows. Some additional lighting and props may be useful, but natural lighting is the main lighting used in outdoor portraits.

Choosing a Photographer

When choosing a portrait photographer, it is important to ask them what lighting tools they have and whether they are more experienced with a studio or outdoor photography. Some photographers will be skilled in both, but not all.

Another important thing to find out from the photographer is whether they have a studio or permission to photograph at certain locations. Nothing can ruin a portrait session like being kicked out of a location. An experienced photographer should always have contacts, and certain locations already lined up before the session begins.

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