My name is Juliun Starks, and I’m a visual storyteller through the medium of photography. As the founder of Skratspaper, I work with clients to create images that represent the fullness and beauty of the most precious parts of their lives. My specialty is in capturing the soul of my subjects in portraits and the love of couples in wedding or engagement shoots.

Capturing the essence of a moment,  the depth of a bond, or the impact of an emotion through photography has always been my passion. Before starting Skratspaper, I worked as a photographer for a STEM high school–capturing the excitement, enthusiasm, and energy of students as they delved into learning at school-based events. (My favorite event to document was the project learning-based “NASA Hunch” program, where students delve into designing prototypes and software for use in space exploration.) 

Today, I’m thrilled to continue documenting the same stories of triumph, passion, and fulfillment in portraiture and candid shots.

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