Benbrook, TX

Wanting to have photos taken in Benbrook, Texas? There are plenty of places to choose from -- some well-known, some not so well-known. But we’d like to let you in on a few of the secrets here.

The pretty little town of Benbrook offers a variety of locations that beckon photographers. Lakes, trails, and picturesque downtown vistas around each corner beg to be photographed.

Here are some of the best places to scout before you have your photo session. You’re sure to find one that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Dutch Branch Park

The City of Benbrook’s featured park facility, Dutch Branch Park and Athletic-Complex offers hiking trails, fields of green, and a duck pond. You’ll be able to use the duck pond or any of the trails for lovely backdrops in which to pose. It’s located in the center of town, for easy access, and is free and open to the public.

Benbrook Lake

Benbrook Lake doesn’t cover a large area but offers plenty of backdrops for photos. Located south of the town of Benbrook, the lake is technically a reservoir that sits in the junction of the Clear Fork and the West Fork of the Trinity River. Trails, fishing, boating, and hiking are available, but it will be the water itself that you’ll want to feature.

You’ll have just over six miles of water from which to choose. Whether you want sunset photos or only clear Texas skies above and water below, you’ll find that the area is perfect to showcase your family.  If you want docks to pose on, choose Benbrook Marina, Holiday Park, or Rocky Creek Park. If you’d rather not pay a fee, select Longhorn Park.

Benbrook Stables

You’ll have 100 acres to choose from in Benbrook Stables, located along Benbrook Lake. Miles of trails, a venue created for photo backdrops, horses, barns, even streams and ponds, this picture-perfect location plays host to not just photographers looking for a great shot, but weddings and area events.

Reserve a guided trail ride on horseback or book one of several buildings on site for a unique location for your portrait.

Downtown Benbrook

If you’re looking for a more urban feel to your pictures, consider downtown Benbrook. There are a couple of tall buildings in the central part of town, but most of the buildings are beautifully rustic. Take a walk downtown and look for alleyways, front entrances, and vintage vignettes to set the scene, and you’ll find yourself with some great pictures.

Cendera Center

This versatile venue has several options to choose from. The center has several rooms to rent and a staff that is capable of creating whatever space you want. They specialize in events and hosting, so the center can be customized to whatever theme you’re aiming for. The Cendera Center needs to be reserved, so contact them well ahead of time to make sure it’s available during your timeframe.

Public areas are most often fine to use as photoshoot backdrops, but make sure to ask if you think the spot you choose may be a privately-owned location.